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    Best Diamond Color for Platinum Rings

    platinum ringMost of my readers are about to make one of the most important purchases of their lives – the purchase of an engagement ring. But finding the right engagement ring is not an easy matter, which is why I have made it my mission to help you as much as possible. With a little research, some knowledge, my tips and good taste, nothing can go wrong. Let’s start right away.

    Diamonds on engagement rings

    Of course, there are many different ways how an engagement ring can look like and how you design it. However, studies by the GIA have shown that over 83% of women in the USA like the classic version of a diamond ring. So if you want to make your future wife happy, then choosing a diamond ring is definitely the right choice. So you have already made the first and important choice, but then you have to decide which material the ring should be made of.

    There are different materials to choose from. The most conservative variation is a gold ring, but gold rings have been declining in popularity for years as they are replaced by more modern materials. These are yellow gold rings on the one hand and platinum rings on the other. Platinum is very much on the rise, as platinum as a material looks chic and is cool at the same time. It also combines wonderfully with diamonds and other gemstones, as it has a clear silver sheen. If I were in your situation, I would definitely recommend a diamond on a platinum ring. I, too, have made my wife happy with this. In the following, I would like to explain to you what you should look for in a diamond.

    Basics of buying diamonds

    To determine the value of diamonds, they are assessed according to 4 criteria. These 4 criteria are called the 4C’s because they stand for cut, color, clarity and carat. While it can be said for carat that more is always better, and for clarity, that clearer is always better, it is more complicated for the other criteria. Let me go into more detail about color before I tell you something about the cut at the end of the article or you can skip this article and visit yourdiamondteacher instead.

    In 1940 the American GIA introduced the 4C’s with all their details. For the color, it was agreed at that time that the color of a diamond is indicated on a scale from D to Z, which is then certified. The first three letters were omitted funnily so that there can be no confusion with other scales. The letters describe how white or colorless a diamond is. Ideally, a diamond is assigned a D, which means that it is completely colorless. The quality then decreases, up to a Z diamond, which has a clear yellowish shimmer, but which can not yet be considered a distinct color. For diamonds that have a distinct color, a different scale is applied, on which the value of a diamond increases the more distinct its color is. On the scale from D to Z colorless or whitish is considered ideal.

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    What is the Right Diamond Cut?

    engagement ring with diamondsThe classic choice for an engagement ring is a colorless diamond. With infinite financial means, any customer would probably choose a D diamond, but these are extremely rare and extremely expensive, which is why diamonds of lower color quality are usually bought. Especially with golden rings this can be done without great optical loss, because the diamond absorbs and reflects the ambient light.


    If the diamond is now mounted on a golden ring, it reflects the yellow gold of the ring and thus itself takes on a slight yellow shimmer. Of course this does not apply to a platinum ring. Because the platinum ring impresses with its cool, clear look. This would be strongly lost by a yellowish shimmer. Therefore, for the diamond on a platinum ring you have to dig deeper into your pocket and should buy a diamond of a higher color quality.


    Any ring above L would be a bad choice here. However, experience has shown that diamonds of the category H, I, J or K can be combined well with platinum rings, optimal is, of course, D, E, F or G diamonds. Typically, the selected diamond will have less carat because it has a high color quality. To make the diamond look bigger, you can take prongs of silver that surround the diamond to make it stand out.


    The right cut

    If you have to save on the color of the diamond because you have noticed how much more expensive a colorless diamond is, then you can make an L diamond look like a G diamond. This is possible with the right cut, because different cuts emphasize the color of the diamond differently. Round cuts are especially useful, which hide the color of the diamond the most. Equally famous are the princess, emerald and Asscher cut, but in descending order. The cut is ultimately a matter of taste and should not be chosen solely based on the color of the diamond on the platinum ring. After all, both you and your future wife should like it but you can’t go wrong with the cuts I mentioned.


    Recommendation to buy

    As a purchase recommendation I can tell you the following: My best experience I made with a platinum ring, because I think it is more contemporary and cooler. Besides, it is an eye-catcher if you combine it with the right diamond. To achieve the slightly arrogant, cool effect of a platinum ring, you should ideally buy a diamond of category G or H and perfect it with an emerald cut, my absolute favorite cut when it comes to engagement rings. In fact, I haven’t had any negative feedback from any of my customers. Remember that these recommendations apply to platinum rings, but not to gold rings, because there the diamond color plays a less important role. Good luck with your selection and I would be happy if you tell me your story in the comments!